Visionary Thinking

Human beings are now standing at the most dangerous curve of time which only seems to be turning into the realms of our extinction. Mother Earth is reeling because of our faulty definition of progress. Our desires are now captured by a few companies in perceptive cages, as a result of which we are constantly seeking validation. Our markets propel those who embrace predatory feature of capitalism. In the midst of it all, we use the term ‘visionary’ quite loosely for those who have emerged successful in this game and let them hold the rein of our civilization. For a truly visionary planet, not only a handful but everyone must start the exploration of the true meaning of a visionary life.

In this book, Ashish Jaiswal proposes a theory of visionary thinking, examining the ways in which the most forward-looking minds of our time have crafted abstract, unthinkable visions into earth-shaking reality. Drawing from the great thinkers of history, from titans of industry to giants of science, Ashish breaks down such thinking into its constituent elements, linking these diverse approaches to form a coherent framework of visionary thought…an inspiring book.’

– Shashi Tharoor

‘Visionaries have always led humankind into the realm of extraordinary. However, mystery remains around the term ‘visionary’. What does it take to be a visionary and how does he or she arrive at a blueprint of life? What constructs a powerful vision and what keeps it alive? And, most importantly, who is a true visionary and how we can all aspire to become one?

Drawing from the lives of great visionaries, this book attempts to unravel the science and art of visionary thinking. It will inspire you to take the path of a visionary and address the deeper human questions concerning happiness, love, pain, freedom, purpose, money and eventually our final destination with higher order of understanding.