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“ Within 100 years of its existence, BUSINESS, for better or worse, has become the most popular subject in higher education, sending a larger number of graduates into the economy than any other. There are now 14,000 business schools around the world rolling out more than 2 million MBA graduates every year. Ironically, the most popular discipline is also now the most condemned. My research on business schools is driven by the sheer urgency required in reshaping the business schools – to prevent the dangers of under employability lurking in front of millions of Business graduates. ”

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A must read for business schools wanting to break the shackles of the ordinary and to successfully implement an MBA curriculum relevant in the 21st century.

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How to Reform a Business School: The Ivy League Way: Theory and practice of curricular reform implementation with an in-depth case study of Yale School of Management

How to reform a Business School guides business schools on how they can successfully transform themselves and rise higher in world rankings. It includes an in- depth on-site exclusive case study of the major curricular reforms implemented by world-renowned Yale School of Management, USA.


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“While the shortcomings of business schools are increasingly played out in the public eye, this is the first time a comprehensive study has been carried out into how business education has envlved over the years, where the current system is failing its students, and why it needs to change in future, How to reform a business school brings the dazzling insight and long perspective of academic study to a milieu not known for introspection and established Jaiswal as the leading voice in the debate.”

Ashish Jaiswal meticulously demonstrates the problems plaguing the world of business schools and brings together the key contextual debates and concepts of foundational theory on the subject of reforms in MBAs.

Ashish JaiswalThe man who is changing the way we look at education

Undoubtedly, business schools are at a crossroads and under the scanner. The session explores the current key debates in the business school reform space and presents a few groundbreaking methodologies, pedagogy and curriculum that will be implemented by futuristic business schools.

An IIM, Kashipur conference on Educational Reforms—Changing Paradigms, Co-chair: Ashish Jaiswal, Prof Gautam Sinha