To see beyond the noise. To seek beyond the validation. To think beyond the self.

Why do we learn what we learn
and how we learn ?

“ I love to chase the biggest questions of education, its evolution, its purposes, the grander plans hidden in our failures, its magic to bring us out of our adverse most circumstances, its power to take humankind forward.”

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“Somewhere inside all of us lies a teacher. Let’s keep it alive. :)”

my previous
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My Magical realist fable searching
our purpose of existence

True Dummy - A fable of existence

a bestseller in India, is an internationally acclaimed inspirational fiction, which has followers from several countries. Following magical realist and allegorical writing style, True Dummy engages with questions about existence, ambition and, the purpose of life.





“True Dummy has all the thrill of a fast-paced mystery, as its short chapters makes it page turner”

- New Indian Express

“In the slush of pulp, here comes a piece of literature… simmering with some soul – searching dilemmas that continue to haunt the humanity.”

- The Hindu

Such an inspiring read! True Dummy is among my top three reads right beside The Prophet by Khalil Gibran and Fountainhead by Ayn Rand. 

- Soha Ali Khan

“I won’t even try to describe this wonderfully inspiring book. My words are by no means enough. I not only enjoyed diving into a different world but was amazed by the wisdom. I’m looking forward to going through it again and again – I feel there is ever more to discover. Eine inspirirende Antwort auf die Frage nach dem Sinn des Lebens – Danke!”

“Thank you for awakening the ‘Magi cian’ inside me and giving her a reason to dance once again despite the ‘rigorous Master’! Thank you for the thoughtful journey! Благодаря ти за мъдростта с която ме дари!”

“Whenever we walk into a bookstore, we see hundreds of books. Some we read and forget. But some we carry with us for the rest of our lives. ‘Fable of Existence’ is one I will always carry with me, because it has not let my imagination and emotions go after I put it down. It has not let me go to this day. Povestea din spatele povestii.”

NDTV interviews Ashish Jaiswal

True Dummy by Ashish Jaiswal inspires Poonam Mahajan, Member of Parliament, India

BBC Radio Oxford interviews Ashish Jaiswal

My Research on
transforming B Schools

Business Education

“Crucially, the super-dynamic market forces of the future will shape the passive business schools, even compelling a large ones to fold whereas the active business schools will shape future markets and new world economy and eventually emerge as the leading places of teaching business in the world.”

‘’This book examines the way Yale succeeded in breaking the mould and developing an integrated curriculum that transcended the functional silos which still bedevil the vast majority of MBAs. If you want to know what the future MBA looks like – read this.’’

- Keith Grint, Professor of Public Leadership & Management, Warwick Business School

‘’Jaiswal’s superbly captured Yale School of Management’s case study is a must read for business school deans and anyone remotely connected with or interested in reforming business education’’

- Sue Dopson, Rhodes Trust Professor of Organisational Behaviour, University of Oxford